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Beyond The Spectrum


Beyond The Spectrum

The Definitive Alien Abduction Film

Alien Abduction. Is it a positive experience? A negative one? Is it even a real thing? With so many debatable cases, most of them years in the past, is it even possible to know the truth? Join Darcy Weir and Lee Lustig on another Occult Journey in BEING TAKEN, the new film in the BEYOND THE SPECTRUM series. Explore the rich and detailed history of supposed alien abductions and the most credible cases from a whole new perspective. Taking into account the history of supposed extraterrestrial visitation as a whole, this documentary provides sound arguments that alien abduction cannot be explained away by things like sleep paralysis and may actually be happening as abductees say it is. Revisit credible, high-level military personnel who have claimed witness to UFO crashes and extraterrestrial beings. Take a deep dive into the psychology of alien abductees along with that of Ufologists. And learn the very reasons why people believe in alien abduction and what it means to be an abductee.

The LATIN american UFO Journalist Film

This film follows the incredible true story of Jaime Maussan and his pursuit in the main stream journalism field to uncover the truth about UFOs internationally. Watch his story unfold as we recount his rise as a journalist covering controversial Mexican UFO events.

Jaime Maussan started his career in journalism researching at some of the highest profile news agencies in Mexico, including 60 minutes and TV Azteca. His ambition and powerful desire to tell stories at a feverish pace led to the creation of his own news reporting agency Tercer Milenio which still has a growing base of over 2 million viewers a week internationally. In this documentary you will learn about the rise of UFO interest in Latin America as well as how Jaime stood up for truth to be told in a field that is full of noise.

The Definitive Secret Space UFO Film

Since Nasa's inception, there has been a level of secrecy surrounding the truth of what is happening out there in space. This documentary covers a history of space secrecy and the most controversial UFO events captured on Nasa's own space cameras. Perhaps this documentary provides the best evidence that the Earth is being visited by UFOs. Discussion is provided by Dr. Andrew Jacob on Nasa's currently used technologies for observing the universe. Dr. Jack Kasher covers a history of UFO incidents that Nasa has covered up. David Sereda also provides theories on why Nasa and the military might be keeping this information undisclosed or misinformed. We also tell the story of Gary McKinnon's Nasa server hacking and what he found being stored there. Earth based observations of UFOs in Australia from everyday people and their historic Westall '66 event.


The Mind and The Eye

What if I told you that your eyes and your brain aren't fully capable to visualize what is happening around you in our universe, but Nasa has extended the abilities of human sight using technology. Perhaps then you would like to see what Nasa has been filming in this invisible light spectrum.

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Ultra Violet Cameras

Some of the best UFO footage ever to have been filmed in the history of this phenomenon is contained in this film. We see them on NASA STS Missions, international space station missions, in infrared, ultraviolet and the light visible spectrum.


These Anomalies

Only those that hold the information can make an informed opinion on this subject and knowledge is power. It would seem that Nasa can't keep that knowledge hidden from the public forever.

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“Humanoids” is the new amazing documentary about alien contact referred to as close encounters of the third kind. This film includes video footage never seen before of possible aliens which has yet to be disproven.

Jaime Maussan, a famous Mexican journalist, once again returns to Beyond The Spectrum to tell the whole story about some incredible cases of possible E.T visitations caught on camera throughout history. Some of the stories are backed by incredible videos, some backed by fascinating photos and others are backed by multiple eye witness accounts. Jaime Maussan himself even tells us of his first hand account seeing what can only be described by him as Extra Terrrestrials while out on one of his many investigations.

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The Underground & The Unwonted Sasquatch

The Underground & The Unwonted Sasquatch

The Underground - A Hidden Reality and The True Story of Phil Schneider

In early 1996 Phil Schneider was murdered. To this day people still discuss the circumstances surrounding his death. What was it that he said while he was alive that made him a target for tragedy. This documentary examines Phil's claims to have knowledge of government and world secrets. Secrets that are kept that way, out of sight and out of sound Underground.

The Definitive Sasquatch Bigfoot Research Film

When does the subject of Sasquatch stop being viewed as tabloid research and start being viewed as a very real phenomenon across North America? This documentary sets out to clear the phenomenon of being only hoaxed. Researchers present the facts and scientific credibility to some of the most interesting cases investigated in this field. You will see the last known interview from John E. Green before he left this planet. Dr. Jeff Meldrum carefully explains how this creature must exist and how the answer by skeptics that this is merely an elaborate hoax just isn’t good enough.

This documentary contains the most compelling footage, stabilized, slowed down and in High Def than ever before regarding a famous case in the history of these creature sightings. This documentary goes over a historical accounts and a data backed scientific approach to the existence of this creature.