The BC Sasquatch

Back in May of 2014 I was invited with a friend to attend the Native Canadian Sasquatch Dayz festival celebrated in Harrison Hot Springs, BC Canada. I thought this trip to be something not out of the ordinary, until I met Bill Miller and the world of the Sasquatch was born in my mind. 

Experience to the cutting edge facts and history of the phenomena told like never before.

1957 Bluff Creek Phenomenon Photos

The Tracks

An in Depth Look at the tracks of the creature like never before explained.

Foot Stepping Sequence of Patti

The Creature

Carefully explained facts about one of the most famous cases in history. Details that prove this creature to be real and not a hoax.

Bill Miller

The Professional

Bill Miller captivates you with research material gathered over 60+ years since the phenomena really took the media by storm internationally.